Lynda Mandell M.D. PLLC


"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"
- George Eliot

Personal Message

My goal is to get to know each patient and to tailor a treatment plan of analysis, counseling, and medications to meet the individual patient's needs. I use my medical and psychiatric training to involve family members and loved ones for complete treatment of the patient. Most importantly, I work with patients in an interactive process to aid in their recovery.

As we start to confront the real issues during our therapy sessions, it sometimes gets a little worse before it can get better. However, it does get better if you work with me. My job is to remain available and open to understanding who you are and what your needs are, approaching you in a respectful, nonjudgmental manner. Your job is to continue to have faith in the process and remain in therapy, sharing any concerns you may have about your life and treatment, including my care and approach. We need to be able to build a safe alliance, which must be based on trust, respect, and openness.

I have grown to understand that this therapeutic process requires the two of us to work together in a collaborative approach. We must first figure out what needs to be addressed and the underlying causes and triggers. That, however, is not always such an easy step and takes time, effort, and dedication to a therapy process of unraveling years of living. Without this first step, which I refer to as insight, it is my strong professional belief that we cannot and will not effectuate the change necessary to address emotional needs and distress adequately. Once we gain insight, we need to work on behavioral change and solutions to be able to predict and ensure a more desirable outcome than was experienced before therapy.

I am committed to being there for my patients around the clock, not just during scheduled appointment times. Emergencies and questions arise and need to be addressed out of meeting times or business hours. I do my best to be available to deal with these ad hoc situations. It is in my experience that even a few minutes of my reaching out goes a long way towards alleviating unnecessary and prolonged distress for my patients and strengthens the therapeutic relationship.

The therapy process is not generic, nor is it simple. It is complicated and requires time. Every process has to be tailor made to meet individual needs, as we are all different with unique backgrounds, childhoods, parenting, families of origin, schooling, educational, peer experiences, physical attributes, genetics, and biologic make-ups. I do, humbly, encourage you to take the step to improved well-being, whether it be with me or another behavioral health or weight management professional. It is worth it. You are worth it.

Dr. Mandell With Pearls My sincerest wishes for your well-being and success,
Dr. Mandell